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Award-Winning Film Production Company in Michigan Making Movie

Radish Creative Group produced its first full-length feature, Annabelle & Bear, this summer in Metro Detroit. The Royal Oak, MI-based production company, known for creating award-winning commercial spots, made the exciting transition to feature films in the midst of the state’s thriving movie-making community. The film is based on a story by Emmy-award winning director Amy Weber, who produced and directed the film, as well.

The story behind the making of this highly anticipated indie is as inspiring as the tender story itself.  Annabelle & Bear is the product of a 100% Michigan cast, crew and soundtrack.  Weber envisioned a ‘home grown’ product, to showcase the local film community and to spotlight the talent in Michigan during a time when the state was facing struggling economic times.  There is so much talent here in Michigan, that it just made sense to keep all of the production here, including the post and musical score.  I am very proud of the fact that this film was made completely in Michigan, by Michigan talent. What a testament to what Michigan has to offer.  And what an opportunity we have to showcase what we can do together”, declares Weber.

Weber announced at the start of the project that she would offer Michiganders an opportunity to be a part of the film making experience.  Her call was answered, with over 4000 people responding to the casting and crewing opportunities.  People with zero experience in the industry were suddenly being given an opportunity to work on a major motion picture. Following that, she then sent the call out to Michigan musicians, offering them an exciting opportunity to have their music or original song featured in the movie.  One of those bands, Nervous But Excited, with their beautiful song, Said and Done, made a cameo in the film.  Weber selected close to twenty instrumental pieces and songs from the music competition to score her film and/or to feature on the film’s highly anticipated soundtrack. 

What began as one woman’s vision for an independent film, suddenly became an inspirational journey that would ignite a community and forever change lives. “I truly believe this is an amazing time to create something, verses just be a player in Hollywood’s game.  This is our moment to create opportunities for ourselves, to generate something we’ve always dreamed of.  To make films on our terms and to generate our own vision. This is why we made this film”, says Weber.

“We invested in our industry and in ourselves, and created an unbelievable experience that none of us will soon forget”, proclaims Weber.

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