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Soundtrack Now Available For Purchase

Click on the tunes below to enjoy a sampling of the fantastic original music produced for the Annabelle & Bear soundtrack. 
Thank you to the many talented Michigan artists who helped create this beautiful and powerful compilation!

1. Headline News, Light in August
2. Velvet, Brion Riborn and Chris Laskos
3. All Of It All, Blasé’ Splee
4. Better Man, Awaiting Sunrise
5. Get Back Up Intro, Brion Riborn
6. Little Black Car, Jody Raffoul
7. Dont Let Go, No Justus
8. Said and Done, Nervous But Excited
9. Towards the Light, Matthew Heiser

10. Simple Life, Jody Raffoul
11. Trailer Park Girl, Sam Rappa
12. The Longing, Brion Riborn
13. Angels Over You, Nailpoint
14. Cant Find the Sun, Matthew Heiser
15. Social Trend, Vigilante Sidekicks
16. Get Back Up (Hallelujah), Brion Riborn

Price: $10

Radish Creative Group Announces Annabelle & Bear Music Competition Winner

Radish Creative Group is proud to announce that Nervous but Excited (www.nervousbutexcited.com) is the winner of its music competition, with their amazing song, "Said and Done". With more than 2,190 votes, the singer/songwriter duo (Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver) has won the opportunity to make an appearance in the film.

In addition to our first-place winner, Radish Creative Group is thrilled to announce that Vigilante Sidekicks, who took second place with more than 1,530 votes, will also make an appearance in the film.

Both bands, along with the rest of our music competition finalists and other artists, will be featured on the soundtrack for the film.

Congratulations to Nervous but Excited (www.nervousbutexcited.com) and all of our featured artists.